Family law, criminal law, and more in Statesboro, GA

At Cory Smith we have a team of attorneys with experience in many different practice areas. From civil law to family law, we will do our utmost to provide you with the right attorney for your case in the Statesboro, GA area.

Often, legal matters can be a source of great stress. Many times, we're able to help our clients relax because the team at Cory Smith will take on the burden of legal matters for them. If you're involved in a matter that demands legal action, we'll help you make sure that you have the fullest extent of the law on your side. When you rely on the law office of Cory Smith, you're relying on Statesboro's best. We accept cash and checks for our services.

Family law

Family law is often difficult for all parties involved, regardless of the situation. At Cory Smith, we'll handle your case with the respect, discretion, and care that all of the parties involved deserve. Our law office is experienced in all facets of family law, and work with the courts in the Statesboro area to ensure our clients have the best representation and outcomes possible.

Criminal law

The ins and outs of criminal law can be overwhelming. At our law office, we specialize in criminal law, and are here to provide a dedicated defense attorney for our clients. From drug possession and DUIs to more serious felony charges, we can help with it all.

 At Cory Smith, we're here to help our clients wade through the legalities to get to the bottom of their case and do so in a fair and effective manner. Give us a call today.

Small business law

Business relationships can often be hard to manage, with disagreement being a common problem. That's why the law office of Cory Smith is here to smooth out the wrinkles. We'll help you understand business contracts, business documents, and the finer aspects of small business law so that your business can proceed in any working relationship with confidence and transparency. When you're unsure about any aspect of small business, criminal, or family law, call us in Statesboro right away!